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we all have a part to play

Every day, more than a million NSW school children travel to and from school in safety – many of them by bus. The school bus is an extremely safe form of transport for school students.
Traffic congestion outside the school can increase when many families resort to driving short distances to and from school.

Parents & Carers

  • Hold your child’s hand and walk together to the bus stop or bus interchange in the morning.
    If you cannot be with your child, organise for another trusted adult to take your place.
  • Meet your child AT the bus stop or bus interchange after school. NEVER wait on the opposite side of the road.
  • Wait on the footpath until the bus has been driven away.
  • Together, choose the safest place to cross the road, and:
  • STOP! One step back from the kerb.
  • LOOK! For traffic to your right, left and right.
  • LISTEN! For the sounds of approaching traffic.
  • THINK! Whether it is safe to cross.
  • Explain each action in turn as you cross safely.

Talk with your child about what to do:
If you are delayed and cannot meet them as usual.

  • If they catch the wrong bus.
    If they get off the bus at the wrong bus stop.
  • Until they are at least 10 years old, children do not have the developmental maturity required to cross the road safely without holding an adult’s hand.

Care for Children

We are very aware of the need to care for children travelling on our buses. When children get onto the wrong school bus, the driver will contact the depot or arrange to transfer the child to the correct bus or keep them on the bus until the bus returns to the depot. We will contact you where we have been provided with contact details. 


In adverse weather conditions contact the office for any timetable changes and/or check the website.

BE BUS AWARE – Driving Safely Near School Buses

There is a 40km/h speed limit for traffic passing a school bus that is picking up or setting down school children. The speed limit is for all traffic travelling in the same direction as the bus, whether the bus is stationary or moving.
The 40km/h speed limit must be observed when the rear ‘wig-wag’ lights on the bus are flashing.  Flashing headlights on these buses also alert oncoming motorists that children are close.