Pets, Bicycles and Rollerblades

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pets and Bicycles on Martin's Buses


Customers may board a bus with a pet such as a dog, cat, bird or other animal. Any such pet must be restrained in a suitable box, basket or other container to be allowed on board as required by the law (NSW Passenger Transport Act and Regulations). The bus driver may refuse to allow a pet on a bus if this poses a risk to the safety of other passengers or the bus. Pets that are not clean, appear vicious, or likely to annoy, threaten or inconvenience other passengers will not be allowed on a bus.

NOTE – Does not apply to an assistance animal or an assistance animal in training.


Passengers are not allowed to carry a bicycle on a bus because it can be an inconvenience or a safety hazard for other passengers.

Scooters, Rollerblades, Skateboards or similar

A passenger must not use a scooter or skateboard, or roller blades or roller skates, or the like on a bus. A passenger may only carry these items on the bus if they fold down and placed under a seat.

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